Celebrating Small Business Magic at the Vancouver Christmas Market 2023!

Dear cherished community,

As we bid farewell to the enchanting 2023 Vancouver Christmas Market, we find ourselves wrapped in a warm blanket of gratitude and festive cheer. Our journey through the heart of this magical market has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we owe it all to your unwavering support.

Reflecting on Small Business Marvels: At the heart of this festive extravaganza were the small businesses that added that extra dash of magic to the YVR skyline. Our delicious Knedlas found a cozy spot at the Vancouver Christmas Market, thanks to your overwhelming response and daily visits. Your love and enthusiasm have been the true gifts of the season!

The Waterfront Wonderland: Nestled against the scenic backdrop of the waterfront, our little cabin became a haven for those seeking comfort and joy in every bite. The aromas of our Knedlas danced in harmony with the sea breeze, creating a symphony of flavors that echoed through the market.

Gratitude Overflowing: As we look back on this incredible experience, we want to express our deepest gratitude. Your smiles, your laughter, and the joy that radiated from our cabin were the true highlights of our journey. Your support not only fueled our small business dreams but also became the beating heart of this year's Christmas Market.

A Special Thanks to Daily Hive: We can't help but extend our appreciation to Daily Hive for capturing the essence of our Knedlas and sharing the magic with the entire YVR community. Your support elevated our presence, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Embracing Trends, Creating Memories: In a market bustling with attractions, we strived to create not just a taste but a memory. Our journey was a testament to the evolving trends in culinary experiences, and your willingness to embrace them filled our hearts with joy.

As the curtain falls on this year's Vancouver Christmas Market, we carry with us the warmth of your smiles, the laughter shared, and the magic created. Thank you for being an integral part of our 2023 story.

Here's to the magic of small businesses, the allure of Vancouver's waterfront, and the everlasting memories we've woven together. Until we meet again next year!

With heartfelt thanks,

Knédla Team.


Vancouver Cristmas Market 2023 - Knedlas, dumplings