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Nutella Knedla

Nutella Knedla

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Nutella knedla is made for chocolate lovers. 

We start by filling our signature potato dough with the original Nutella spread known for its rich taste of hazelnut and chocolate. We then hand-make a knedla ball and coat it with more hazelnuts and cacao! Scrumptious!

Prepare yourself for a journey of exquisite flavors and textures – from the velvety Nutella-infused potato dough to the delightful hazelnut and cacao coating. Our Nutella Knédla is a celebration of chocolate in its purest form, a treat that transcends the ordinary and invites you to experience the extraordinary. Indulge in the scrumptious symphony of Nutella and hazelnuts – because our Knédla moments are crafted to delight the chocolate connoisseur in you.

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